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Accessories for your outside stair !




There is no size limit to your outdoor staircase ! 


A 1m long step ? Why not longer ? how about trying 1.20 m, 1.40 m, 2m or even longer ? How can this be done ? 





Our MODULESCA 20 cm extension: Using a connection kit, place your extension module beside the stair. In just one click you are done ! 








MODULESCA connection kit: Used to either add a 20cm extention to your stairs or a full-length module on either side of the stairs.


Our connection kit is only composed of pins and pitchforks.


- Position the additional module on the side of the stair.

- Align the 3 holes of the extension module and the stair

- Place the pins in the holes and lock the using with the pitchfork





Please contact us should you need any contents.