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MODULESCA - You no longer need to create the base of your staircase!


MODULESCA is an  off-the-shelf ready-to-use structural base, that can be used by both landscape professionals and home users. This is possible thanks to four key points that have made the fast-growing SUCCESS of this product.


 EASIER: An all-terrain stairway ! 


give your stair the shape you like

Adapting the materials and the techniques used based on your ground type is no longer needed.  It is now your stairs that adjusts to your ground... your wishes!


Your MODULESCA stairway adapts to the slope inclination on which you want to install it.  Your staircase is now able to adapt to slopes of up to 70%, without the need of sophisticated calculations.


How does it work ?




 FASTER -  A revolutionary DIY solution !



Building an outdoor stairway becomes accessible to all of us!  It's extremely light weight  (11 lbs per step) eliminates all burden and stress when dealing with the setting up of your landscaping. You will only need three tools: a shovel, a level and an electric screwdriver. Installing a MODULESCA outdoor stairway can be a one-person job and require just a few hours




 A UNIQUE PLUS : your MODULESCA staircase can be covered with a variety of materials!  



EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE, in an effort to capture its surrounding decor or in harmony with the built environment, your outdoor stairway can be covered with various materials: wood, stone or tile. MODULESCA works with mutliple types of surfaces. 



 ECO FRIENDLY - Sustainable stairs!  


Ecological - economical

Made of a high strength rotproof material, MODULESCA offers high durability.  It can resist extreme temperatures and does not require any special maintenance.


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