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MODULESCA - How does it works ?


Our patented step module has been developped by our R&D department.  It is 100% recyclable and can sustain a compression of over 13,000 lbs on its bearing surface.   It also has the ability to withstand high or low temperatures (between -10°F and 150°F).


With its 17 centimeters height, 42.4 centimeters depth and 93.4 centimeters length, MODULESCA offers the perfect staircase  dimensions for a maximum comfort of use.  Very light (weighing only 11 lbs),  our stair modules can be effortlessly be handled.


The width and length stair can be adjusted, by adding other modules of either 20 centimeters or 1 meter long. 


The run of your stairs is also adjustable (between 23 centimeters & 37 centimeters), based on the slope.





 Step 1 : PREPARE          



  • Choose the best spot for your stairway and measure the distance between the highest and lowest points of your slope. This will help you  determine the number of steps that you will need.


  • Once the path of your outdoor stairs has been determined, excavate and flatten your stairs' path/slope.





 Step 2 : INSTALL ! 



  • At the foot of the slope, dig a hole with the required dimensions (minimum 17 centimeters deep, 94 centimeters long and 24 centimeters wide) in which you will be inserting your first module.


Fill this hole with a bed of crushed gravel and level the first module on it.


  • Once in place, fill this first step module with gravel or concrete depending on your selection of covering element (the type of material used to cover your stairs: wood, tile, paving stones or marble).


  • The second step module needs to be positionned on the first one, using the existing mounting tabs and practical rails.  Then, push this second step back against the slope.  The extremely easy positionning is measured by a precise notch system.


  • The final locking is done using three 6x40 screws (delivered with each module). 


  • Repeat the process of the installation for each stair. 


In addition, a rotation angle of up to 13° can be done for each stair, allowing you to create a curved stairway, either to the right or to the left.






 Step 3 : CUSTOMIZE !  


Various coverings can be used: wood, tiling, paving stones or marble. Let your creativity run free!  For a fast an easy wood covering, enjoy our NEW ready-to-use ledger board kit.







    Please contact us should you need any contents.